~ Golden Road Shiping Agancy ~

Considering the necessity of speed and swiftness as the main objective of our company, years of experience in the field of domestic and international transportation and other related affairs initiated us to trustworthiness as accompany which has gain its confidence from the customers. Golden Road international transportation and shipping company is a wholly Iranian owned and is established as a carrier and forwarder in 1990 , having appropriate facilities with specialized and experienced staff offering a wide rang services for:

> Transporting of Cargo (Container/Break Bulk) to all destinations including : Australia, Europe, India, Far East, South and North America, middle Asian countries, Russia and Common Welts countries, Persian Gulf countries and vice versa.

> Costumes Clearance
> All kind of transportation including (Ship-Rail) and (Ship-Truck) to all over the Iran.

> Transit, Import & Export any kinds of Goods and material.

> Transporting the perishable goods by Reefer Trucks to all destinations in Iran and all over the world.

> Transportation of Oil, Petrochemicals and any other kinds of liquid materials to any destination.

> Transporting exhibitional cargo to any destination.

> Transporting Carpet to all over the world.

> Having both educated and fully experienced staff for giving consultation in Transportation, Insurance, Shipping and Customs operation.

> The company has the advantage of having a branch in Bandar Abbas and some representatives in all active Iranian ports.