Our Partners

Avaye Nik Pars

~ AvayeNikPars ~
are companies with over 10 years experience in exporting , importing , clearance , trading consultation ,transit and storekeeping activity and services .
Currently, these companies are agent and representative and co _ worker of 2 trading reliable and experienced international company and 2 transportation company.

The services and capabilities of company:

    • Offering consolation on ground of preparing and arrangement of goods trading and trading affairs documents.
    • Customs consultation on ground of dispute solving between customs and stores.
    • Clearance and transportation of goods from all entrance

origins , customs and docks to all around the country.

  • Offering loading-unloading and store-keeping services with in customs and stores.
  • Agent offices in most of customs and ports of country including tehran , bandar abbas , boshehr , khoramshahr, deylam , abadan….
  • Counselor in evaluating the related goods clearance cost in rial.

Our success secret :

is speed,  precise , accepting responsibility, pursuit with good conduct in all administrative affairs and providing the most suitable mechanisms.


  • clearance from all customs and ports of country: customs of tehran, bandar abbas , boshehr, khoramshahr, deylam ,abadan….
  • Registration of good order
  • Consultation on customs and trading affairs
  • Dealing the receivable hank draft for imports
  • Request to open documentary, LC
  • Transit and transportation of goods
  • Definite imports.Imports in the form off receivable draft without foreign currency transfer and imports against export
  • Export and evaluation in place
  • Preparing clearing contrast of export(contract of foreign currency)
  • External and internal transportation
  • Obtaining  licenses related to industry ministry and fax exemptions
  • .Preparing trading card for request to open documentary
  • The inquiry of imported goods tariff and pricing of goods